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Our company is the representative of the German Company ZSCHIMMER & SCHWARZ GmbH & Co (Z&S) in Iran  for Leather and Fur leather raw materials . The parent company in Lahnstein employs a staff of approx. 500 people who are responsible for the development, research, production and sale of special chemical auxiliaries. They have more than 56 exclusive agencies in the world only in the leather and fur filed such as United Kingdom, USA, Spain, Italy, France, and so on.

We offer products and procedure suggestions which correspond more and more to the continuously increasing demands of our customers and markets.

You can find the specification and other information (catalogs) with use the below link:


The Products:

/ Degreasing agents

Supralan 67,Supralan 80,Supralan ON,

Supralan ST, Supralan UX

Basification agents

Dolatan MG, Dolatan MH-P

Tanning and Retaining agents

F, Novaltan AG, Novaltan AL,Novaltan HK, Novaltan MAP, Novaltan PF,Novaltan V

Dye levelling agents

Sincal DR, Sincal Ms

Fat liquoring agents for automotive leather

Ensul AMC,Prinol CRC, Prinol FA, Prinol F-GB, Prinol F-GC, Provol BF, Provol CA-D, Zetestan FC

Mainly natural Fat liquoring agents

Ensul AM80, Ensul AM90, Ensul AMC,Ensu BM80, Provol 100, Provol BA, Provol NF,Provol CA-D, Provol PE

Synthetic Fat liquoring agents

Pelgrassol CP, Pelgrassol LP,Pelgrassol MB,Pelgrassol MC,Pelgrassol NF, Pelgrassol SF, pellastol 2537,pellastol60, pellastol 94S,pellastol ES,pellastol ET,pellastol KB, pellastol SFS, pellastol X, pellastol XB, pellastol XO, Prinol CRC,Prinol FA, PrinolF-GB, Prinol F-GC, Prinol m31 spezial,Prinol MP, Prinol S95

Hydrophobing Agents

Dolagen HFN,Dolagen HSL, Dolagen PM,Dolagen S, Dolagen WP


Activol AC, Contripon WP-L, Mortanol 30, Pellamin CL, Talvon 4211, Talvon LF3069, Zetestan ECS, Zetestan C, Zetestan GF