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Order and Delivery of Goods


After choosing the products, choose the favorite kiosk name, package size, weight, tonnage exactly and mail your order and mention your city, province and country with exact address, telephone and E-mail, herein. Furthermore specify your country change unit for us.

Because of price changing in different seasons, we declare the cost price, carriage costs and sum of invoice, within 24 to 48 hours. Type of sale is in cash.

Buyer or his/her official representative shall refer to the head office to receive the goods. After prepaying and taking receipt, the company shall act for preparation of your order and receives the remaining amount after delivery of goods.

You may also buy through opening LC, by choosing a reliable bank for both parties, which is active in Islamic Republic of Iran and dubai and canada deal with buying goods. Delivery type is FOB.

If the buyer has a specific carriage or transportation institute in mind, may introduce to us, then we deliver the cargo to the said institute. The seller shall deliver the order to the buyer, after order receiving and financial processes, on the factory door, and in case the buyer has requested from abroad, the transportation costs are the buyer’s liability to pay. Please order and contact us in Persian or English. If you have another kind of FOB in mind, we will send you.

We may change the package according to your order and taste, which costs are the buyer liability to pay. If you can sell or distribute in your own country or neighbor countries and are capable to deal with great masses, we can conclude contract with you, to be our exclusive agency in your country. We can send you our products in all masses.

If you intend to prepare and produce the industrial and medical date such as date medical alcohol, acetone, acid nitric etc.; we can help you to produce and distribute these products through procurement of primitive materials and consultation in this regard.

Date alcohol is the best type of medical alcohol. Contact us for production of the followings in your country: date chocolate, date vinegar, date vinegar nectar, date salad, date roulette, date omelet, date pickle, date halva, date cake, date ghottab (a kind of pastry like pastille), date confection, date biscuit etc., and these products are very delicious and nutrient.

Please test the followings: Honey products: Lemonade or honey and quince lemon nectar, dried fruit compote with honey, strawberry compote with honey, quince jam with black cherry or cherry, peach and nectarine jam with honey, walnut or almond halva with honey, honey halva, rice halva ardeh (made of sesame oil) with honey, walnut cookie with honey, coconut cookie with honey, fruit salad with honey, fruits dessert with honey, ardeh and honey, peach jam with honey.