Saturday , 25 June 2022



Leather industrial in Iran have complete chain product & long background.

Our country have talented natural source and as for to improve in the industrial poulterer and brining up quadruped, Iran is a one of the main producer leather raw material. (Skin)


In the country generation more than 60 million foot square heavy crust (cow & calf) that, this output is two in three total capacity of generation. Therewith, produce more than 49 million foot square light crust in per year from sheep & goat.

155 leather factories with more than 7450 human force are activity in our country.

However our leather output is 65 million foot square but we have sufficient potential in Iran for change crust to leather.

Moreover our main work (import and export) in the Yekta Tejarat Zarrin , we are activating in the few branch, especially in the importing raw material of leather.

We have two agents in Mashhad and Tabriz that owner of them are, Mr. Sakhtianchi, and Mr. Mihandost, respectively.