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Our company is the representative of the German Company ZSCHIMMER & SCHWARZ GmbH & Co (Z&S) in Iran  for Leather and Fur leather raw materials . The parent company in Lahnstein employs a staff of approx. 500 people who are responsible for the development, research, production and sale of special chemical auxiliaries. They have more than 56 exclusive agencies in ... Read More »

Zschimmer & Schwarz Group


Zschimmer & Schwarz Group ZSCHIMMER & SCHWARZ is an internationally active company with headquarters in Lahnstein near Koblenz, Germany. The company has been family-owned since its foundation in 1894 in Chemnitz, Germany. Our core business is the development, manufacture and delivery of tailor-made chemical auxiliaries for the leather, fur, ceramic, textile and fiber industries. In addition, ZSCHIMMER & SCHWARZ is ... Read More »

Wet Blue


We can supply Wet Blue Lime Split hides and unsplit Full Substance hides, for the upholstery, fancy goods and shoe industries. Wet Blue is the term given to chrome tanned leather. What Is Wet White? Wet white is the leather tanned by non-chrome tanning products Selection Grade Selection 1-4 Automotive / Furniture 5 Inters 6 (Far east Inters) 7 Rejects ... Read More »



As far as we have two tanneries in Tehran leather city from one hundred years ago, we have got experience more than one hundred years. Thus we can support you in the many filed such as crust filed, wet Blue filed and also specially in the pickle filed. We have all sort of pickle, from AB to LM2, you can connect ... Read More »



Places to visit in Kermanshah Bistoun’s inscription at Bisotun - which dates to 522 BCE, lies some 1300 meters high in the mountains. The site is a UNESCO World Heritage site and has been attracting visitors for centuries. The Behistun inscription is in old Persian cuneiform. What the Rosetta Stone is to Egyptian hieroglyphs: the trilingual inscription (in Old Persian, Elamite ... Read More »

Order and Delivery of Goods


After choosing the products, choose the favorite kiosk name, package size, weight, tonnage exactly and mail your order and mention your city, province and country with exact address, telephone and E-mail, herein. Furthermore specify your country change unit for us. Because of price changing in different seasons, we declare the cost price, carriage costs and sum of invoice, within 24 ... Read More »

About Persian


Iran is a southwest Asian country of mountains and deserts. Eastern Iran is dominated by a high plateau, with large salt flats and vast sand deserts. The plateau is surrounded by even higher mountains, including the Zagros to the west and the Elburz to the north. Farming and settlement are largely concentrated in the narrow plains or valleys in the ... Read More »